Muse – Brisbane 2013

They rock, don’t you agree

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I travelled to Brisbane for the past few days to see Muse play live. After their fantastic set in Perth, I had high hopes for something similar for Brisbane, however this did not eventuate. I did however manage to get some half decent shots.


































I’ll be seeing them again as they wrap up their Australian tour in Sydney tomorrow.

– PX.

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original track US13

Marvin Hemstock us13 cover track.

First of all reason is a DAW software that is a computer based programme that allows the user to create music tracks or beats using audio samples and stems.

This is my account of how I constructed my cover track in reason using audio samples from reasons electronic sound bank. Instruments within reasons framework allowed me to use different parameters within the instruments to create different sounds and beats to accomplish this task.

So fist of all I opened reason and started with octorex, which is a sampler.  I then selected a drum kit from the samples folder and tweaked the settings to my taste.

The kit I chose was a dubstep kit, which I set to 128 bpm.

pic 1

Next I added a compressor to add depth to the kit and try to make my kit sound solid.  To do this I adjusted the imput gain, threshold attack, release and output gain.  On the release I selected the adapt release and also added soft knee to the threshold.  Then I recorded it in to my session screen.

I set the track length and recorded the full length of the track moving between the 8 different samples for that kit.  Once the kit was recorded I started to remove some of the kit were I wanted my breaks to be.

pic 2

Next I added my base and recorded it the full length of the track again.

pic 3

Once the base was recorded I again removed some of the base parts to allow for other instruments to be added.

So I added more synth to the mix with a strobe light and bleeps sample, which I recorded in and then cut some of the parts to allow for more instruments.

pic 4

Next was to add an effect to the synth instrument to add some flavour to the mix.

pic 5

So I added the Alligator triple filter and set the parameters to suit my taste.

There are many things to change in this effect but I kept things simple for now.

Last I added a percussion instrument with octorex again and chose a shaker and applied an alligator triple filter to it.

pic 6

These are the extra settings I added through using eq and dynamics to enhance the mix.

pic 7

As you can see I made small amounts of change to my eq and dynamics settings mainly because I didn’t see a need to over compensate to get a muddy sound from to much effects.

Now all that’s left is to export the track in wav form.  To do this I clicked on file and selected export song to audio and saved it to the desktop as a wav file.

pic 8

pic 9

pic 10

I hope you like my track. Produced by Marvin Hemstock. AKA Muddypaws.

developing a small business in the media industries

The UK has strong natural talent that has helped with the growth of the British economy.  This has been done through music, media, publishing, video games, film, fashion and design.  All sectors are reliant on fresh new talent coming into the creative sector.

The UK has the largest creative sector in the world.  Contributing between

6%-8% of our nation’s output and directly employing over 1million people.

Obviously, this sector can only grow if there is new talent coming into it and if there is a steady flow of experienced skilled workforce.  Poor attainment on basic skills such as numeracy, literacy and IT in the work place has been a cause for concern.  If an individual is working in film or media they need to make sure their writing is of a good standard with excellent verbal skills.  People who work in the fashion will need good numeracy and math skills.

Every young person should gain excellent results in maths and English with an A* to C at GCSE level by the age of 16, if this has not been gained then young people can go on and learn further to the age of 19.

All businesses need staff that has excellent numeracy, literacy and good employability.  Due to the advances in how films are made digitally they are also in need of extra skills. These are science, technology, engineering and maths. (STEM).  Most new ideas for a film produce their ideas as well as needing the skills from people using music, art or design depending on the needs of the sector.

Unfortunately, there are not enough of these skills about at the moment, and this needs to change.  More help is needed with students whilst they are still at school, rather than having to teach them twice we should be getting it right the first time.  We need to be looking at children at a younger age to make sure they grasp the basics; learning has to be fun so children look forward to going to their class to learn and help each other.

There are many different rules and regulations in starting up a business. It does vary however depend on the type of business you set up.  Are you going to be a sole trader or is it a partnership? Are you going to be a limited company?

There are positive and negative points to all types of business.  Sole trader ship is the easiest, cheapest and quickest way to go but there are no tax benefits to be had and places the risk completely on the business owner. Company registration limits your liability, but does have some associated costs and legal obligation that need to be considered.

Once you have decided what type of business you are going to run there are some legal formalities that need to be followed depending on what type of business you are setting up and how big the business is going to be.

The first crucial stage is where are your premises going to be.  If you have never been involved with setting up business premises then it is a good idea to take someone with you.  You need to also consult a solicitor with regards the conditions of the lease; they may even be able to negotiate better rent and terms for you. It is also a good idea to get a pull out early clause so you have a way out in case your business does not take off as you hoped.

Many small businesses will have a startup loan for the capital, this is usually in the form of investment or a bank loan.  The solicitor again should be involved in this.  If you are getting a bank loan then you may be able to negotiate the terms with the bank.

One of the other crucial legal hurdles is the staffing for the business. It is a must that you get legal advice in this area as rules are changing all the time.  It will “pay off” in the long run.  There are legal rights that the staff have that you must be aware of from the start. For example, pay slips, employment contracts and the right NOT to be discriminated against.  There are obviously more than these three.  You must get this right from the start as employment tribunal claims can send new companies into ruin.

Employers should include the additional PAYE and NICs as part of  their normal monthly payments to HMRC. If an employer normally pays quarterly, PAYE/NICs due in respect of retrospective liabilities cannot be paid quarterly but must be made out of turn by the statutory monthly due dates. If payment is normally made electronically, payment should be made electronically.

The normal interest provisions relating to PAYE and NICs apply to PAYE and NICs due in respect of retrospectively charged liabilities.  That is interest will be due on any outstanding balance of PAYE or NICs unpaid by 19/22 April following the current tax year.  Having said that it falls on the business owners to comply with paye and self employed staff.

Once you have found your business premises and have sorted out the legalities then you can sort out other things for the business; such as staffing, equipment, alarm for the premises, insurance -: premises, public liability, equipment, even though new equipment comes with a 12 months guarantee it is still a good idea to get it insured.



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How To License A Cover Song For A Music Video

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By Musician and Marketing Consultant Solveig Whittle(@shadesofsolveig).

Last year I recorded a cover of an old favorite song of mine called Menta e Rosmarino (I Won’t Be Lonely)by the Italian artist, Zucchero (AKA Sugar Fornaciari). He’s a famous singer, songwriter, and guitarist in Spain and Italy. He’s less well-known here in the United States, despite his many collaborations with American artists like Eric Clapton, Joe Cocker, and Randy Jackson, among others.

I also hired a friend of mine, Josh Moore, to shoot a music video for my Zucchero cover. All together, I spent a few thousand dollars on making the video, including paying for time at the studio where we shot it and compensating the other people involved.

I thought it might be useful to share a walk through of my relatively cheap and easy experience securing the mechanical and synch licenses for both the audio…

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How does Music Therapy Work?

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Music Therapy & Autism continued…

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After receiving a lot of interest from my last autism and music therapy post I thought I’d provide some helpful links for anyone interested. Sometimes navigating through all the information can be half the battle.


Tuned into Learning

This website is full of board-certified music therapists who have created a range of special education songs, books and videos specialising in music therapy for children on the autism spectrum. The materials available on the site have visual and auditory support to add to the already incredible influence of music as a mnemonic aid.


Music and Autism Research

This is a tab on the Coast Music Therapy website that quickly sums up scientific articles from the last 10 years about music therapy effects on autism. There are live links to the most recent articles to read online.


Autism & Consultation Training Presentation

This is a psychology-based presentation from Monash…

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5 Time-Saving Social Media Marketing Tips & Tricks

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There’s no doubt social media is a must for any business hoping to stay in the loop. Unfortunately, all that posting, tweeting and liking can be a real time suck. Below are five social media marketing tips and tricks to help you save time while increasing the effectiveness of each and every social media interaction.

1. Don’t Forget the Calls-to-Action

You likely include calls-to-action in your regular web content, encouraging readers to call, email or complete a “contact us” form. Social media posts similarly benefit from reader prompts. Morgan Greco, the director of social media and fan engagement for A&E Television recommends using words like “share,” “reply,” “retweet” and “comment” to encourage fans to join the conversation, according to Offerpop. The more followers who engage with your content, the more the message spreads across various platforms.

2. Automate Posts

Automate as much of your social media marketing work as possible…

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bob marly and Marvin Gaye stems remix

did a remix with some stems from confetti enjoy

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